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Are You Creating Consumer Triggering Brand Identity?

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Brand Identity

The diverse concept of brand identity witnesses a narrow road, here in this Blog, as every brand is committed to its consumer just like a doctor to its patient. Therefore, to justify the title, the question is on you!

The broad term of Brand Identity in its literal meaning can be achieved in ’n’ number of ways. Like, it’s an emotional connection, a proud feeling, a representation of the way it paves to make the attachment between the brand and its consumer. Both traditional and digital mediums are involved majorly in creating the brand identity. The traditional mediums like TV, Radio, and Print media play a role as includers in a perfect ATL Marketing strategy. Though they are costly but promise a larger audience and effectiveness in generating ROIs. Similarly, BTL Marketing strategies vows a great result in economic budgets and providing microscopic insights based on consumer search behavior. Both ATL and BTL branch to build a brand’s image, hence we call it the Visual Brand Identity.

How does it help?

Brand Identity by creating a relationship between the brand and the customer (like we discussed above) leads to the perceptions of brand personality. The visual elements that help to build the relationship are:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Typefaces
  • Characters
  • Styles

The customers when exposed to these visual elements are able to connect more effectively to the brand’s narrative, principles, and ideologies. The retainment on the retina via these elements along with further future prompts (through advertisements) creates a “Let’s Try” mindset for the brand, by the consumer. It’s not always that you have to pledge with a straight hand to win the trust. It can be done with exchanged loyalties over a period of time. If to say in the language of B2Bs, brand equity is a sweet byproduct of brand identity, also the power meter for both are proportional (directly) to each other.

A Communication Perspective

The linkage between brand identity and brand image is just communication. Whether traditional, digital, or WOM (Word of Mouth). Here, brand development strategies play a crucial role in communicating a brand to its TG (Target Audience) done via a branding agency, which is equipped with market research (brand-specific), visual storytelling, retail advertising techniques, eye tracking of consumer behaviour, and many more. Both the distinctive (brand identity-brand image) though related with each other are like the strong ingredients of strong brands.

Designing the Brand Identity

It takes your all when you figure out an identity for your brand. Some of the key elements that are important while designing the brand identity:

  • Mission/Purpose
  • Values
  • Unique Positioning
  • Brand Voice

The visual elements such as shape, tone, color, pattern, texture, and form should be utilized effectively to create a brand design, logo prior to brand identity. As it later proves to be the concrete behind the whale infrastructure. The maximum reach for a brand via store rollouts, franchise, retail expansion, in turn, maximizes brand identity. Running digital ads, outdoor signages, OOH Advertising in parallel fashion helps in getting a brand the reach (wider) it visions. Also, many retailers are told to exercise the concept of co-branding or cross-selling. This practice enables the brands to get sales via another brand’s image/identity.

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