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In today’s post-pandemic times, many strategies fail and emerge daily. To thrive, survival is the key. And many brands (no matter on what scale they are) have collapsed while many have found different routes of existence. Now the responsibilities are divided among various shoulders, branding agencies are among one of the shoulders. We as a branding agency uses brand positioning as a tool where incommensurable strategies are used.


If you are visible then only you exist, that market says.


  1. Value-based Positioning:
Value-Based Positioning

Every brand possesses different value and so their positions in the market. Abstractly, brand value can be related to brand equity because all the brand positioning strategies are either based on the brand’s value or the trust/loyalty it has from its customers. Technological advancements have played a pivotal role in new-coming strategies as branding agencies are dupe to provide experience while branding activations and positioning. RTB(Reason to Believe) is given in predilection to others, where we play on the USP of the brand.

2. Target Marketing:

Target Marketing

In this strategy, we emphasize directly the target audience of the brand who benefit from the products and services instead of targeting everyone. The narrow approach helps in reaching the right audience in minimal time. To reach, the behaviour (purchase, shop) of the targeted audience need to be studied in depth. Also, analysis of how the brand placement will react where demographics and geographics play a vital role in research.

Here, we offer specialized expertise that these putterers would probably not have. This way we can work well unless the service begins to develop strong demand and new adversaries emerge to dilute your ‘speciality’.

3. Industry Specialization:

Industry Specialization

The way to position a professional service company is very popular and often effective. It’s another type of expertise that enables you to focus closely on your marketing and to develop your services with changes on the market. It means that your company has extensive experience in working with similar companies. However, this approach involves risks. Your fortune may follow the market’s economic decline. New competitors can also easily enter and disrupt positioning.

4. Role-focused specialization:

Role-Focused Specialization

In this strategy, a particular function in the organization is targeted. A cohort of people is targeted, instead of specializing in a particular service or product. Buyers will feel that the brand is more tuned into their needs and expect specific knowledge/expertise from you.

5. Quality-Of-Service Positioning:

Quality-Of-Service Positioning

This strategy is among the most common, practised by a professional service company and the effectiveness of it is very low. Quality is a kind of trust which is built once but takes years for maintenance. Everybody on the table vows quality from one another but who possesses, is the stand-out. The same goes with ‘service’ which is most expected by the customer from a brand. In todays’ time, brands position themselves in the competition by giving the best service(hospitality) to their customers.

The above five brand positioning strategies are just viewed from an approx eye and are liable to scale up a brands’ position in the market.

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